Getting Rid of Unwanted Stuff before Changing House | Presidential Moving Services

While moving, it is common to find old belongings pop up out of nowhere, leaving you confused about what to do with them? Throw them away? Reuse them? Take them with you? Or simply leave them behind? Here we discuss three alternatives in which you can make sure that you put unwanted stuff to good use.

1. Recycle

Most of the time, things pile up around the house simply because we outgrow them and do not realize that we do not really need them. This does not mean that those things are useless. Maybe you can use them for something else. When sorting things during the moving process, you’ll come across stuff—toys, furniture, electronics—that have served their original purpose but that could be fashioned into something else. Recycling is a great reason to hold on to old stuff so that it can turn into a useful piece of furniture, storage product or decorative piece.

2. Garage Sale

Sometimes, there’ll be things that you simply cannot use, but maybe someone else will be willing to pay a price for them. You can sell old clothes, sports items, curtains, furniture, collectibles and kitchen utensils in a garage or yard sale at a good price. The key is to identify things that people will want to buy and to price them correctly. Many people find garage sales interesting since they are full of surprises and give people the chance to stumble upon unexpected finds. You can use the proceeds to finance the moving process or simply to spruce up your new home a bit.

3. Donation Drive

Finally, there are things for which you do not need but do not have the time to find good buyers. A quick way to put those things to good use is to donate them to a charity. Your moving company like Presidential Moving Services could help you carry the stuff to the collection point. In fact, you could initiate a donation drive in your neighborhood in case your neighbors get inspired to contribute their share. There are orphanages, churches, soup kitchens, senior citizen homes, schools and community centers that are always in need of clothes, food, toys, books, and furniture. You’ll make many people happy through your donations and might even set off good karma before moving into your new house.