Moving Small Electronics Safely | Presidential Moving Services


Small electronic items can damage in transit and are expensive to replace. If you’ve suffered from such experiences, then here are six simple ideas to prevent such loss when moving house the next time.

1. Use original packaging

A lot of us retain the original packing of electronic items such as a radio, phone, or laptop when we buy them. This is a smart thing to do because when moving house, you can simply place the item in its original box and pack it into the carton. It will use space more efficiently and keep the item protected.

2. Remove all fluids

When packing small electronic items, make sure to empty them of any fluid content. Liquids like water, oil, grease, battery fluid, paint, etc. could leak and damage all the contents packed in the same box. Electronic items can be very delicate and expensive, so this small precaution can even save you a lot of money.

3. Store batteries separately

Coming to another important area—batteries. Even though good moving companies like Presidential Moving Services take good care of your goods, it can get quite hot inside a packing carton, especially if you’re moving cross-country and will spend at least a day on the road. Batteries left in an electronic clock or toy cannot only leak chemicals but can even cause a fire. Removing batteries and packing them in a separate bag is always safer.

4. Dismantle large items

Next, before putting away your small appliances in cartons or bags, remember to remove any parts that you can dismantle. By packing all these small parts separately, you will reduce the chances of their coming apart during transit and causing damage to the item. Once in your new home, you can take your time in assembling the parts together.

5. Pack electronics amidst clothing 

It’s always a good idea to pack electronics with delicate and sensitive parts in between layers of linen and clothes. These layers will absorb the shock of any jolts on the road and provide a cushion to the body of the electronic item against scratches and collisions.

6. Label the cartons

Going further, label each carton with the specific electronic that you have packed in them. Since all these items are distributed across cartons containing clothes, curtains, bed sheets, etc. it will help you locate an essential electronics once you’ve arrived at your new home.