What is custom-built crate and why do you need it? | Presidential Moving

When thinking of long distance moving, cardboard moving boxes seem to be the most commonly used option. They come in different sizes and are easy to transport. However, you cannot transport all items safely in cardboard boxes. Even polystyrene sheets may not offer adequate protection to some delicate or fragile items. In such cases, you need to contact a long distance moving Services Company that offers custom-built crates for long distance moving.

Custom-built crates are available in any size so that they completely secure the items in question. Washing machines, for example, require custom-built crates. These help to secure the inside drum against heavy knocking and shocks during transportation. Other appliances of a similarly delicate nature, as well as artifacts such as antique furniture or paintings, should also be in custom-built crates.

Specific sizes

When you request a moving company like Presidential Moving to provide custom-built crates, a representative from the company will first conduct a house visit to create an inventory of all items that require crating. Based on the list, the company will then ask its technicians to create crates according to the specific size requirements. Once the crates are ready, they arrive at your house and the items in question will go into these crates.

Secure and economical

There are several benefits to commissioning custom-built crate from a professional moving company. These companies have access to experienced technicians who can build secure and high-strength crates based on the exact dimensions of the selected items. This can assure you that your possessions will be safe and intact. These companies can also be effective options compared to procuring the crates and packing material from a third party. Because of the high volumes in which these companies offer moving services, they will have access to crates at more competitive prices.

Value-added logistics

Professional moving companies also offer more competitive logistics and transportation services. Their vans can accommodate the custom-built crates securely and can withstand any sudden jolts and shocks without causing damage to the goods inside. In case the goods need dismantling at the time of packing, these companies will be able to reassemble the goods once they have arrived at your new home.

If you are planning to move in the near future, the best thing to do is request a visit from a professional moving company for any custom-built crate that you will need.